LaCie Sphere Hard Drive

Tech gadgets are evolving and have gone way past being prized just for their functionality. In an increasingly competitive market the way a product looks can make a huge difference in its sales figures and overall popularity and appreciation.


Take for example an external hard-drive. Most look like simple, rectangular black boxes, however, they are an important part of the desktop surface and occupy a fair amount of space, even in their smallest most modern form. This is where the LaCie Sphere Hard Drive can truly make a difference. This Christofle designed gadget beautifully mixes art with technological functionality offering a product that truly shines on a desk environment. It can change the look of your boring desktop or give your workspace a serious note of prestige and elegance.

Christofle, which was founded in 1830 in France has managed to stay connected to the ever-changing world and produced an amazing piece of craftsmanship in this technological oriented era. The surface of the LaCie Hard Drive is made from silver that has been hand worked by Christofle silversmiths at their Normandy, France based workshop. There, they innovated a complicated silver plating procedure that resulted in the beautiful round shape of the hard drive. A thorough polishing process gives the LaCie hard drive its pristine shine and reflective surface, an instant eye catcher on any workspace.

The LaCie Sphere is also extremely functional with its high speed USB 3.0 slot and its 1 TB of storage space. The external hard drive is powered through its USB drive and doesn’t need any extra unaesthetic wires appearing just as a simple stunning and highly reflective silver sphere. Transfer data nearly three times faster than with a regular USB 2.0 slot and store as many pictures, movies or other important documents in this unique combination of technology, craftsmanship and artwork.

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September 10th, 2016 by


PAC-MAN – the game that gave the younger of us sleepless nights, secret gatherings that involved big amounts of juice, high scores and grudges, but also great moments that will never be forgotten. A lot of friendships were formed because of PAC-MAN and there are still people who are nostalgic about this game. For example, Romain Jerome, the guy who created a PAC MAN series of high end watches. This limited edition watch is exactly what the geek child in us would like to wear and those who can afford the price can have one for about $17000. Let’s hope that the geek child grew up to afford this otherwise he’ll only be left with a floppy disk of PAC MAN to remind him of the good high score days.


A very weird selection of a theme for a high end watch since PAC MAN has been used for a lot of inexpensive kids watches. However, he managed to pull this off and make a high end watch out of it. The watch has a case made of steel that is about 46 mm wide black coated and polished and sandblasted. Actually if you check their website you will see that this watch is a limited edition watch in the Moon Invader watch collection and apparently features some materials from the Apollo 11 moon lander. These can be found on the back of the watch where the material is fused with moon rocks. The collection, as mentioned earlier, will be very limited as apparently only 20 pieces of each of the four models will be available. So this is less than 100 watches, people who loved this game should definitely hurry if they still want to own a PAC MAN watch. This is not the first watch that celebrates retro games from Romain Jerome. He also released the Space Invaders watch which was a great success and apparently is planning a new collection that will feature…joysticks.

If you are a collector of weird watches you should definitely get this watch as it has a pretty cool design and will surely be one of the best in your collection. If you are not a collector but loved PAC MAN this is definitely a conversation starter among the geeks in your office.

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August 2nd, 2016 by

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is one of the most interesting new additions to growing ecofriendly approach to technology. This charming little keyboard combines clever design features along with an eco-friendly approach to produce something that is both useful as well as good looking.

Logitech_K750 picture

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard is comprised of two solar panels that are located on the upper part of the keyboard. Their purpose is to power your keyboard while you type without taking away too much space from your desk or occupying a disproportionate amount of the keyboard’s surface.

The eco credentials of the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard don’t stop with the two solar panels though. The plastic used in the keyboard is PVC-free, meaning that fewer polluting emissions were released into the atmosphere during the production stage. The packaging of the keyboard is also made from fully recyclable materials.

The keyboard’s design is minimalist offering beautifully spaced buttons and an overall comfortable grip even without an integrated palm rest. The plastic has a quality feel to it and the letterings are clearly marked in a durable white paint. The black color increases the lifespan of this gadget while hiding any superficial dirt or dust. The keyboard is thin and can easily fit into almost any form of luggage if you want to carry it with your while you travel.

The wireless system is easy to install and works perfectly with a stable connection even at longer distances, allowing users to take their keyboard to bed or on the couch if their living situation allows it.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is an interesting piece of technology that is just starting to pave the way for more and more eco-friendly gadgets. It manages to impress both through its recyclable features, functionality durability and of course, design.

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July 15th, 2016 by

Rolex Explorer II White

I bought this watch a few weeks ago and I had a pretty negative experience buying it. Unfortunately, the service was pretty bad and I got really riled up about it, which totally kept me from enjoying the replica watch at its full potential. The first thing that happened was the fact that I waited and waited for the confirmation email for my order for a few days, before finally sending an email about it. It seems that they didn’t receive my order and I had to send it again, which ended up in me waiting a couple more days for the confirmation email which eventually came.


I thought they would have sent the watch by then but it seems that I needed to give them more details about the shipping address and also provide them with information I found to be useless for the process of buying a simple watch from a website. However, I complied and they eventually shipped my watch. It was about 3-4 weeks until I received a phone call from my local post office about my watch as it seems that they couldn’t figure out the address written on the package. Good thing the sender wrote my phone number on the package and I was able to be tracked down. So I had to spend a day proving to the local post office that I was the person that paid for the package and it was supposed to be sent to me and that really annoyed me. Another thing that annoyed me was the fact that the watch was not very well packed and people handling packages at the post office are not very careful with the watches so it could have been easily harmed. However, the product I received exceeded my expectation and made this experience overall a good one.

The watch I ordered was Rolex Replica watch as I fell in love with the original watch after stumbling upon it on the internet. As I couldn’t afford one, I decided to buy this replica and I didn’t regret that decision once. It was perfectly crafted and it looked the same as the one on the original Rolex website to the smallest detail. The bezel was made to resemble the ceramic bezel of the original watch and I loved the way it was finished. Except for the service, this was a good experience in the end.

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May 18th, 2015 by

Lexar JumpDrive

Some information you cannot stand to lose and this small cool gadget here is your answer to keeping your data safe while traveling. Flash drives have not become affordable, but they have become also indispensable to our day to day needs, especially since you need to carry important data with you almost every day. And a solution to keep your information secure is with the new Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver.

The Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver follows in the footprints of the original Lexar JumpDrive, but improves your overall security with an innovative onboard capacity meter with the help of which you can constantly monitor the amount of space you still have on your traveling disk so that you can avoid the situation in which you cannot transfer information due to the lack of additional space. The Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver is the cool gadget you need in order to be able to safely store, transfer and share any data you desire from photo images to applications and programming codes.

Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Drive

The flash drive has an 8 GB data storage capacity and comes with an incorporated advanced security software which allows you quick and efficient data protection. The Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver uses Encrypted Vaults which permit you to create multiple password protected areas which encrypt your data by the use of a 256 bit AES encryption. Plus, this small cool gadget of a flash drive also comes with a File Shredder feature which makes your file unrecoverable if you want to completely delete them. So, if you want total data protection, then you should take a look at Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver

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September 1st, 2014 by

Touch Screen Door Lock Gadget

Choosing a gift can be very difficult especially if you want to impress somebody. If you wondered what you can buy for someone in order to blow them away, this is it. A touch screen door lock made by Samsung. It’s practically a new door lock that comes with a touch screen incorporated. That’s so cool, the person who will be receiving it will probably won’t believe their eyes. Just make sure to tell them the code. It looks almost the same as a normal door lock and you have to press start to activate it. If you are wondering if it fits your friend’s door, you can rest assured because it’s very small and thin and it matches almost any type of door. Another cool feature about it is the fact that it comes with a heat sensor so it not only protects people from burglars but also from fire. It is made with aluminum alloy and tempered glass so you don’t have to worry that it might get broken.

EZon Home Network System

The name of this baby is EZon Home Network System and comes in two colors, black or white so choose whatever will suit your friend’s taste. The price is about 180$ so it can be really affordable although it’s such a cool gadget.

This is a great gift for anybody and you can be sure that they definitely don’t have one already. You can buy it for elderly people to help them if they forget to lock their house or you can buy it for friends that will be delighted with such technology on their doorknob. If you are worried about its battery you should also know that it has a backup that will also last a long time.

So how does it work? It looks just like a touch screen found on your mobile phone and practically the whole system is the same. You enter the passcode and it unlocks the door. It’s that simple as long as you don’t forget the passcode of course.

Everybody believes that this new system will revolutionize the design and security of homes around the world making it possible to fit all types of doors and key systems. This is the future of security and soon everybody will probably have one; but until then, you should hurry up and impress a friend with such a great gift. People obsessed about technology will definitely be crazy about this beautiful gadget.

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August 13th, 2014 by

Cross Bikes

Cyclo-cross is a great sport that can put both the competitors and the bike they use to the test. If you are not familiar with this sport, it is very common in France and Belgium, as well as other European countries. The circuit involves different kinds of terrain, from tarmac to grass to hills and wooden obstacles that force the competitors to dismount their bikes, carry it and then get back on it as quickly as possible. A race is made of several laps and usually, it lasts under an hour.

You can imagine that the bikes used here are no ordinary bikes. To handle the change of environment and the weather variations, seeing that races take place in autumn and winter, the bikes have to have specific characteristics that will allow the racers to get the shortest time possible.


The overall design resembles that of racing bike but with some differences. The clearance has been increased for the wider wheels and also to prevent mud from blocking them. Weight is a crucial factor with cyclo-cross bikes, seeing that the competitors often have to pick it up and run with as fast as possible over portions of the track. This makes carbon fiber the best choice for professional racers due to its light weight and stiffness.

Everything is adapted to be light and also durable in muddy conditions. The gear setup depends on preferences but each option has its advantages. Using a bike with just one speed can prevent any problems that might appear when too much mud gets in the shifting mechanism. Also, having more gears means choosing the perfect one for specific terrains, thus getting around faster. Usually, a combination of the two is used, meaning that gears only change in the back; it is also said that having less gears puts less stress on the riders and they don’t always have to choose the perfect one.

The wheels are pretty standard with some minor size increase and some competitors may prefer a bit wider wheels for a better grip on muddy surfaces. The tires are very important in cyclo-cross and usually, tubular tires are the best due to the fact that they can be kept at low pressure and so enhance the size of the tire that touches the ground, meaning a better grip.

Amateurs and professionals alike have a strong relationship with the manufacturer. A bike needs to fit perfectly in this sport and it is more a matter of preference when it comes to choosing one. Opus has a line of quality bikes as well as Ridley, Stevens and Vanilla. There are many models to choose from, each with its own small differences and prices usually range from $1000 to $2000 but some models can easily exceed $4000.

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July 28th, 2014 by

Transformers USB Stick

There are some things in life that may seem completely useless, but that along with their design and the potential cool factor makes them best-selling products. Take for example the USB stick, everybody has one, everybody uses one and most people are trying to make it a bit more different to stand out because they are tired of the old USB stick look. This is where USB sticks like this one look like a great idea. A Transformers USB Stick is the best thing you can get for yourself not just because it looks cool but also because it might brighten those busy days at the office and offer you a few laughs with your co-workers. It doesn’t come with Meghan Fox unfortunately, but it’s still a pretty cool thing to have around. Maybe you don’t want it for you, maybe you are someone in search of a cool gadget to offer a person you love or like, it doesn’t matter, this is the perfect gift. This is the ultimate Geek USB stick and will definitely impress any man out there with its cool features.

The Transformers USD stick will upgrade the look of any USB drive with the help of its cool transforming power. It will transform from a flash drive into a leopard and that not just looks cool but also seems like an awesome thing to have.
The stick comes in two versions, a smaller 4 GB version and a bigger 16 GB version that is perfect for those who need more storage. This offers great capacity and good old fashion reliable storage for that important data you need to save.
This is definitely not just a USB drive and you won’t even get it for that, you will get it for that wow factor, for that moment when a person sees it transform right before their eyes. So it wouldn’t even matter how large its storage capacity is, the product is a cool product on its own and it makes for a pretty inexpensive gift too as it only costs about $10. It can be a little something for a friend who likes Transformers or one of the co-workers at the office.

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March 3rd, 2014 by

Online Clothing Shopping

The technological advances of the latest decades have greatly contributed to a change in shopping habits and preferences. The direct result is the development of in-home shopping and this for several reasons. It is easier for consumers to purchase goods through the Internet as it saves them time and money. However, things don’t seem to be the same when talking about clothes.

The clothing sector seems to have a rather slow development if compared to other online shopping branches. Although many retailers have opened the virtual doors of their online stores, customers, especially women seem to continue to appreciate the offline shopping experience much more. They argue that sizes do not always match and they are afterwards faced with a return process that can take too much time for their taste. They dislike the idea that they cannot touch the fabric and try the items of clothing on.

Internet marketers struggle to overcome these drawbacks by developing applications to allow their clients see how the dress or blouse looks on them. By simply turning on their cameras, potential shoppers transmit the image to the site and the software provides them with a superposed picture of how they will look in the respective clothing item. However, this technology is at its early stages of development and still needs a lot of improvements until it will be able to produce the same shopping experience as the one in the trying room of a brick and mortar shops.

This does not mean that online clothes shopping lacks the potential for later growth. The lack of time modern people constantly complain of leaves a lot of room for e-trade to conquer this sector. It has already caught a large market share in countries like Germany, UK and France and continues to extend itself towards other economies where customers are willing to purchase items not available in their local shops.

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February 10th, 2014 by

Finding Out What Gift To Get

Do you want to get a gift for someone but you just don’t know what to get? There are many in your situation that might buy something useless and expensive without really thinking about it. To make sure that you are not one of them, here are a few pointers on how to figure out what kind of gift to get.

First you need to know for what reason you are getting the gift, either it is for a birthday, a holyday or just a regular day, you need to figure out the theme you are going for. You can’t really buy a Christmas tree for Easter now can you? Birthdays are usually the most difficult because you can’t buy a tradition holyday gift and get away with it, you need to make a bit more personal.

Here is where step two comes in handy; figure out what kind of a person he or she is and what they might like. If he is your friend or part if your family, you must know a few things that will steer you in the right direction. Does he always talk about sport and hangs out with his friends? You can get him tickets to his favorite team’s next match or something as simple as a bottle opener key chain. What matters is that you know what he likes and will definitely appreciate that. If your friend prefers spending time with family there are a wide variety of cups, diplomas for best dad/mom or you can get matching outfits for the parent and the child. Electronics are good gifts for everybody, especially if you heard them having trouble with their existent appliances; make your friend a big surprise and get him a new television set for his birthdays.

You will see that if you take a minute to think about the person, is not that difficult to figure out what kind of a gift to get. It doesn’t have to be expensive or have a large size, it just has to be personal and show them that you care about them. Step three is usually the easiest, give the gift to the person. Of course, this can prove to be a challenge itself if you plan on making a bug surprise party or if you like the gift so much you want to keep it. Persuade yourself into giving to him and you can get one for yourself later.

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January 21st, 2014 by