Touch Screen Door Lock Gadget

Choosing a gift can be very difficult especially if you want to impress somebody. If you wondered what you can buy for someone in order to blow them away, this is it. A touch screen door lock made by Samsung. It’s practically a new door lock that comes with a touch screen incorporated. That’s so cool, the person who will be receiving it will probably won’t believe their eyes. Just make sure to tell them the code. It looks almost the same as a normal door lock and you have to press start to activate it. If you are wondering if it fits your friend’s door, you can rest assured because it’s very small and thin and it matches almost any type of door. Another cool feature about it is the fact that it comes with a heat sensor so it not only protects people from burglars but also from fire. It is made with aluminum alloy and tempered glass so you don’t have to worry that it might get broken.

EZon Home Network System

The name of this baby is EZon Home Network System and comes in two colors, black or white so choose whatever will suit your friend’s taste. The price is about 180$ so it can be really affordable although it’s such a cool gadget.

This is a great gift for anybody and you can be sure that they definitely don’t have one already. You can buy it for elderly people to help them if they forget to lock their house or you can buy it for friends that will be delighted with such technology on their doorknob. If you are worried about its battery you should also know that it has a backup that will also last a long time.

So how does it work? It looks just like a touch screen found on your mobile phone and practically the whole system is the same. You enter the passcode and it unlocks the door. It’s that simple as long as you don’t forget the passcode of course.

Everybody believes that this new system will revolutionize the design and security of homes around the world making it possible to fit all types of doors and key systems. This is the future of security and soon everybody will probably have one; but until then, you should hurry up and impress a friend with such a great gift. People obsessed about technology will definitely be crazy about this beautiful gadget.

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August 13th, 2014 by