LaCie Sphere Hard Drive

Tech gadgets are evolving and have gone way past being prized just for their functionality. In an increasingly competitive market the way a product looks can make a huge difference in its sales figures and overall popularity and appreciation.


Take for example an external hard-drive. Most look like simple, rectangular black boxes, however, they are an important part of the desktop surface and occupy a fair amount of space, even in their smallest most modern form. This is where the LaCie Sphere Hard Drive can truly make a difference. This Christofle designed gadget beautifully mixes art with technological functionality offering a product that truly shines on a desk environment. It can change the look of your boring desktop or give your workspace a serious note of prestige and elegance.

Christofle, which was founded in 1830 in France has managed to stay connected to the ever-changing world and produced an amazing piece of craftsmanship in this technological oriented era. The surface of the LaCie Hard Drive is made from silver that has been hand worked by Christofle silversmiths at their Normandy, France based workshop. There, they innovated a complicated silver plating procedure that resulted in the beautiful round shape of the hard drive. A thorough polishing process gives the LaCie hard drive its pristine shine and reflective surface, an instant eye catcher on any workspace.

The LaCie Sphere is also extremely functional with its high speed USB 3.0 slot and its 1 TB of storage space. The external hard drive is powered through its USB drive and doesn’t need any extra unaesthetic wires appearing just as a simple stunning and highly reflective silver sphere. Transfer data nearly three times faster than with a regular USB 2.0 slot and store as many pictures, movies or other important documents in this unique combination of technology, craftsmanship and artwork.

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September 10th, 2016 by