5 Cool Gifts For Smart People

Smart people can be really difficult to please but with our gift ideas you will surely manage to impress them. Although it might be difficult to obtain these gifts, you will blow their mind so they are definitely worth the long search.
Fish Training School Kit – If your smart friend likes fish and has some as pets, you should impress them with a school kit designed for fish. They can train their fish to perform great tricks and it’s pretty simple since it also comes with a DVD to help them learn all the secrets needed. The whole idea is based on food reward training and there are a number of things you can make your fish do: swim the slalom, limbo dance or even play fetch. So that’s pretty impressive, let’s just hope that your smart friend also has a lot of patience.
IQ Box – help your friend test their IQ with this cool gift. It’s practically a box with a 40-question test that can be sent via mail to the company that created it. They will send back a cool and detailed test result and also a certificate that proves that you have that IQ so your friend can hang it somewhere and show everybody how smart they are.
Complete National Geographic collection – smart people love National Geographic so make them a big surprise by getting the whole collection as a gift. They will probably be ecstatic and start browsing it from the moment they open their gift. It’s definitely something they will cherish.

 Really Big Jigsaw Puzzle – Smart people also love puzzles so get them a very hard to do puzzle with thousands of pieces. There are also personalized puzzles that you can order online and make as big as you want so it would be cool if the picture on the puzzle is something they like, for example their favorite band or character.
Master LEGO Kit – with this kit they will be able to create genius structures and play for hours. It doesn’t matter their age, everybody loves LEGO, especially now since they have the intelligence and experience to create something truly unique.


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