A Mouse For Everyone

What is more common than a mouse? No, I don’t mean the animal but the small input device which we are so familiar with on our desks that we don’t even think about it twice. The mouse is actually the most frequent used device by most people and it deserves a bit more credit. We are a long way from the old design with the ball that used to get all dirty and that required constant cleaning. Nowadays, there are a lot of types and styles out there and they target a certain group of users.


For those of you that like plating computer games, there is nothing better than a professional mouse. This can make the difference in a competitive game and there are some things it has to have in order to be perfect. Most will say that a mouse for gamers has to be wireless so that the user doesn’t have any problem with the cable and this allows for faster movement. A quick response is key and it has to be able to send the commands without the slightest lag. Then, we have the extra buttons which can be programmed to do specific tasks; this will help the gamer have everything he needs at his fingers. Last but not least is the cool futuristic design; although it doesn’t do much for the gaming experience, it never hurts to have a nice looking mouse.


From a mouse with 8 extra buttons we move to one with 23 extra buttons. A mouse that can also act as a calculator can sometimes come in handy, especially if you are an accountant. It has its own small display for some quick calculations. The problem is that all the extra buttons don’t make it very practical when you actually want to use it as a mouse.

As everything is becoming touch sensitive and as buttons seem to become outdated, we should have expected a touch mouse. Microsoft is responsible for this cool gadget which looks very slick. It is not just beautiful but also very smart being able to transmit commands at a great speed. It also has 5 buttons which you can set for your favorite commands.

If you are a big car fan, you have to consider buying a Lamborghini inspired mouse from Asus. This is more for esthetic purposes but the design does give you a special grip.

You can choose from all kinds of types and mice; it all depends on how you plan on using it.


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