PAC-MAN – the game that gave the younger of us sleepless nights, secret gatherings that involved big amounts of juice, high scores and grudges, but also great moments that will never be forgotten. A lot of friendships were formed because of PAC-MAN and there are still people who are nostalgic about this game. For example, Romain Jerome, the guy who created a PAC MAN series of high end watches. This limited edition watch is exactly what the geek child in us would like to wear and those who can afford the price can have one for about $17000. Let’s hope that the geek child grew up to afford this otherwise he’ll only be left with a floppy disk of PAC MAN to remind him of the good high score days.


A very weird selection of a theme for a high end watch since PAC MAN has been used for a lot of inexpensive kids watches. However, he managed to pull this off and make a high end watch out of it. The watch has a case made of steel that is about 46 mm wide black coated and polished and sandblasted. Actually if you check their website you will see that this watch is a limited edition watch in the Moon Invader watch collection and apparently features some materials from the Apollo 11 moon lander. These can be found on the back of the watch where the material is fused with moon rocks. The collection, as mentioned earlier, will be very limited as apparently only 20 pieces of each of the four models will be available. So this is less than 100 watches, people who loved this game should definitely hurry if they still want to own a PAC MAN watch. This is not the first watch that celebrates retro games from Romain Jerome. He also released the Space Invaders watch which was a great success and apparently is planning a new collection that will feature…joysticks.

If you are a collector of weird watches you should definitely get this watch as it has a pretty cool design and will surely be one of the best in your collection. If you are not a collector but loved PAC MAN this is definitely a conversation starter among the geeks in your office.

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August 2nd, 2016 by

Lexar JumpDrive

Some information you cannot stand to lose and this small cool gadget here is your answer to keeping your data safe while traveling. Flash drives have not become affordable, but they have become also indispensable to our day to day needs, especially since you need to carry important data with you almost every day. And a solution to keep your information secure is with the new Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver.

The Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver follows in the footprints of the original Lexar JumpDrive, but improves your overall security with an innovative onboard capacity meter with the help of which you can constantly monitor the amount of space you still have on your traveling disk so that you can avoid the situation in which you cannot transfer information due to the lack of additional space. The Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver is the cool gadget you need in order to be able to safely store, transfer and share any data you desire from photo images to applications and programming codes.

Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Drive

The flash drive has an 8 GB data storage capacity and comes with an incorporated advanced security software which allows you quick and efficient data protection. The Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver uses Encrypted Vaults which permit you to create multiple password protected areas which encrypt your data by the use of a 256 bit AES encryption. Plus, this small cool gadget of a flash drive also comes with a File Shredder feature which makes your file unrecoverable if you want to completely delete them. So, if you want total data protection, then you should take a look at Laxer JumpDrive Secure II Plus Flash Driver

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September 1st, 2014 by

Touch Screen Door Lock Gadget

Choosing a gift can be very difficult especially if you want to impress somebody. If you wondered what you can buy for someone in order to blow them away, this is it. A touch screen door lock made by Samsung. It’s practically a new door lock that comes with a touch screen incorporated. That’s so cool, the person who will be receiving it will probably won’t believe their eyes. Just make sure to tell them the code. It looks almost the same as a normal door lock and you have to press start to activate it. If you are wondering if it fits your friend’s door, you can rest assured because it’s very small and thin and it matches almost any type of door. Another cool feature about it is the fact that it comes with a heat sensor so it not only protects people from burglars but also from fire. It is made with aluminum alloy and tempered glass so you don’t have to worry that it might get broken.

EZon Home Network System

The name of this baby is EZon Home Network System and comes in two colors, black or white so choose whatever will suit your friend’s taste. The price is about 180$ so it can be really affordable although it’s such a cool gadget.

This is a great gift for anybody and you can be sure that they definitely don’t have one already. You can buy it for elderly people to help them if they forget to lock their house or you can buy it for friends that will be delighted with such technology on their doorknob. If you are worried about its battery you should also know that it has a backup that will also last a long time.

So how does it work? It looks just like a touch screen found on your mobile phone and practically the whole system is the same. You enter the passcode and it unlocks the door. It’s that simple as long as you don’t forget the passcode of course.

Everybody believes that this new system will revolutionize the design and security of homes around the world making it possible to fit all types of doors and key systems. This is the future of security and soon everybody will probably have one; but until then, you should hurry up and impress a friend with such a great gift. People obsessed about technology will definitely be crazy about this beautiful gadget.

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August 13th, 2014 by

Digital Camera – A Gift Anybody Will Appreciate

It’s pretty hard to decide on a gift these days, especially when we have so many options. However, gadgets seem to please everybody, so buying one can be easy and you will be sure that the person who receives it will like it. A popular gadget is a digital camera and there are many advantages for choosing it as a gift.

When buying a digital camera you don’t have to worry if the person who receives it is female or male because it works great with both. Women will love digital camera because they can take pictures of themselves and men will love it because they will appreciate the technology and will love showing it off. If the person you buy it for has a passion for photography you can also buy some additional accessories that can be useful in such a hobby: DSLR lenses, memory cards, underwater equipment, and even lightning tools.


If the person is more of an amateur, you can just buy the camera and some batteries and let them decide what they will do next with their hobby. You don’t need to buy them something really expensive, so make sure that it has a high quality but it’s not the most exclusive camera on the market.


If you have a lot of money you can buy the latest trends in technology like Nikon, Sony or Canon, but they also have offers for those who just want to spend a few hundred dollars. This is what’s so great about them, the fact that you can find quality cameras made by famous brands at decent prices.

Buying a digital camera has also an advantage regarding age because people love taking photos even if they are 9 or 99 years old. With digital cameras you can make anybody happy, especially somebody who you know as an amateur photographer but still uses a very old camera.

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January 30th, 2013 by

Luxurious Gifts

There are small gifts and large gifts, presents for special occasions and for no reason, gifts for the young and gifts for the old, there are all kinds of gifts for everyone but the most amazing group is the luxurious gifts segment, the Cadillac of gifts. These are meant to amaze the receiver and the price tags are meant to amaze the buyer.

We all like getting luxurious gifts, and it seems that women like it more than men. Jewelry with diamonds and rare materials at now a woman’s best friends and there are many designs to choose from. Flowers and leaves are in fashion and so are all kinds of colorful items, so don’t be afraid to buy a colorful piece of jewelry for that special someone. She will definitely be happy with your choice as long as you pay attention to small details which she might prefer.


The contents of the woman’s purse are usually a secret but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get her a gift that will remind her of you every time she looks inside it. A special kind of lipstick or a small mirror shaped as a heart or a new wallet are all great ideas for gifts that she can use everyday. Also, why not get her a new handbag as a gift, just make sure she will like it.

Luxury gifts for the desk are very popular amongst business men that spend most of their time behind a big luxurious desk. A nice looking watch can surely bring style to your desk and it is also quite useful. You can also get luxurious pens or maybe a silver envelope cutter; not really known for their practicability, but they do have a certain business man feel to them. Another great luxurious gift is a moving ball set, you simply drag one and let it go and the impact from that will make the last one jump and repeat the motion. The idea is pretty simple but the effect that gifts gives to a desk in amazing.

Luxurious gifts for around the house can include unique paintings or small statues. These items will make your house come to life with color and style. Although digital frames are common nowadays, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a luxurious picture frame as a gift for your friend; you can also set the picture of the two of you so that the will always get to see your face.

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January 9th, 2013 by

The Perfect Christian Gift

Finding a right gift for your friend or your loved one is always a tricky task. If you are a spiritual kind of person and want to spend your Christmas holidays with joy and happiness, go for unique Christian gifts that can be available at any Christian gift store. You can as well prepare your own unique Christian gifts by putting your creative and innovative skills. Many Christian gift stores sell different varieties of gifts that can match your loved ones taste and personality type. These gifts pass on many inspirational and motivational messages to the people.


Unique Christian gifts are simple and sweet way to express your love and gratitude towards your loved one. If you are going to gift your mother or father, you can go for bible books that remind of love and faith among people. You can even purchase spiritual books and literature that can help your family to get a head start in the world. Along with these unique Christian gifts, you can as well gift priceless knowledge to your family; spiritual knowledge and understanding. You can find different books for different people. Spend some time to select a perfect book that can help them start their life the right way.

Apart from books, many Christian stores sell crosses, necklaces, bracelets, wall hangings with inspirational messages, Christian novels, music CD’s etc. If you are on a hunt for presenting gifts on baby showers, bible teaching tools would be the best option. This way you can help those new parents giving their child right start with these Christian principles and teachings. Unique Christian gifts are the perfect way on any occasion. You can even gift them on their wedding anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, house warming parties etc. For sure these gifts give spiritual guidance for new couples, graduates, kids and even your family.

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December 14th, 2012 by

Unique Gifts For Your Wife

When you have been with your wife for several years, it can be really tricky to try to surprise her anymore. But you can always try to show your love to her by giving her unique gifts that show how much you wanted to impress her.

Why not get your wife a digital album with all your wedding pictures and all the pictures that show your life as a couple together? This album can also come with a beautiful dedication showing her how much respect you have. Also, don’t forget to place the photos that show key moments from your life and perhaps even a small description at the bottom of each photo. This way you can add a personal note to the whole gift and make sure that your wife is positively surprised.

If you want to give her a jewelry piece that will make her be in awe completely, you can change your wedding rings and add a beautiful inscription on each one. There are a lot of dealers that make custom wedding rings and can write whatever you want on your jewelry. For example, you can ask her to marry you again as a surprise and have the years you have spent together written on the back of the ring.

Another interesting thing that you can do is to get an event planner and actually organize a party for her after reenacting your first date. What’s better than going out for your wife’s birthday on your first date and coming home where she will be expected by the relatives.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can try and get different small items that she loves. Aromatherapy sets are great since you can use them together but also matching shirts or a beautiful dress that would make her feel extremely beautiful.

Let’s not forget about the fact that you can always get her some sexy lingerie and with the amount of online shops that have great deals on this type of clothing, you don’t have to go through the embarrassment of going to the actual store and asking for something.

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September 16th, 2012 by

Gifts Suited For Cat Lovers

Everybody knows a cat lover; obviously, they love cats, but that’s not all to them, they are also incredibly warm people who need to be appreciated with special gifts. But what kind of gift would a cat person want to have? Obviously, something related to cats. Let’s see what the most unique and cool cat gift ideas you can buy for them.

A Robot Cat – this might seem a bit odd, but not all cat lovers have a cat because of various reasons. Some travel a lot while others simply cannot take care of one at the current point in their life, so a robot cat would be a great way to make sure that they have the company of their favorite pet. There are various robot cats on the market, some with extremely unique features and they even have a software that simulates attachment. The cool thing about the robot cat is the fact that you can turn it off and on, so you don’t risk of having it starve if something happens and you can’t get home.

Cat Training Kit – If they already have a cat an interesting and cool gift would be to get them a cat training kit. This kit is absolutely amazing as it will show you how to teach a cat various cool tricks. So, next time you see them, you can actually enjoy the gifts and watch the cat’s show.

Cat Language Book – A few years ago, the Cat Language Book appeared, which allowed people to learn how to talk cat. Whether this is true or not, one doesn’t know, but it can make a really interesting gift for any cat lover. The book teaches you the basic ways to talk to a cat. Just imagine them trying to speak cat with their pet and the whole gift can also be hilarious.

Cat lovers will be absolutely pleased with the ideas shown in this article, as they would definitely not expect to buy them something so original. Also, don’t forget to add a personal touch, like a card or a dedication to show them how much you appreciate them.

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August 23rd, 2012 by

Interesting Gifts For Video Game Lovers

Video games lovers can be sometimes hard to please since there’s not much to get most of them because they probably played them all. However, you can make sure that you somehow get them something that they will appreciate, something that relates to their favorite hobby.

Gift Cards – Instead of buying them certain games, you can buy them gift cards and allow them to pick whatever they want from a game store. This way you won’t risk buying them something they don’t like or something that they already played. They can go online and choose whatever they want and platforms like Steam offer this opportunity to players without having to physically buy a game.

Figurines with their favorite characters – if you want to impress them and they already played all the games you can possibly think of buying, all you are left to do is buy them some art from the games they mostly love. This means that you can buy them the main characters as figurines and you will easily find them on the official websites for various prices depending on their size. Don’t forget to make sure that you include all the limited edition figurines, surely your friend will want to have those.

Technical Upgrades – if your friend wouldn’t seem satisfied with neither of the interesting gifts above, you can simply upgrade their PC. This will surely make them happy since they have more games they can now play. So, when every other possible gift couldn’t make them happy, this seems the most logical idea and it’s also pretty cool to have somebody upgrade your computer.

Magazines – subscriptions to famous games magazines can also make for a cool gift as long as your friend loves reading about games in general. This means that you will have to make sure that they would actually want a subscription to a gaming magazine and this can be tricky as not all game lovers do. However, if they do, they will definitely be exhilarated by the idea of getting news about games regularly and reading about the latest things in the world of gaming.

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August 1st, 2012 by

Unique Apologizing Gifts

There is a point in our life when we might upset somebody and perhaps the only way we can show our forgiveness is to offer them a beautiful gift. When you genuinely need to say I’m sorry, here are a few ideas of gifts that will definitely bring your forgiveness and make the other person forget what upset them about you in the first place.

One of the most classic gifts you can get when you want to apologize is a flower bouquet. But you can make this more unique and actually give the other person a basket of flowers, they will surely appreciate your originality. If they are not really into flowers, you may give them a basket of goods along with a card that says how much you regret hurting them. Gift baskets can contain all kinds of items, from chocolate to wine and different types of food. Make sure that the card you are writing is more personal and not something that you buy and already has a printed text on it.

Jewelry has always been great gifts to give those who need to forgive us, especially if we are looking for a woman’s forgiveness. A woman will always love a beautiful bracelet and perhaps a nice jewelry watch. You can go further and have I am sorry written on the back of the jewelry, this way, the person will always remember you and how sorry you were.

Another interesting idea to give somebody who is upset on you or show your apologize is perhaps a book where you can write your apology. If the person likes to read, a great idea would be to buy a beautiful edition of their favorite author’s book and write your apology on the first page. If that doesn’t impress them, nothing will.

The most important aspect of getting a gift that shows your forgiveness is to make sure that you give them something unique and you let them know that your apology is genuine. As long as you create something special and they feel like you are truly sorry, you can’t go wrong with your apologizing gift.

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July 7th, 2012 by