Best Travel Gadgets

Traveling is a great interest and a lot of people need various tools that will make their adventure easier and more fun. Also, these gadgets are great for those who spend a long time having to travel from a point to another for work or other activities.

Amazon Kindle – if there’s something that will make traveling easier and those hours of waiting more pleasant, it’s definitely an eBook reader. Kindle is probably one of the most famous and also one of the best in terms of reading. This eBook is so appreciated because it will make reading so much easier and it will not hurt your eyes. Also, the battery will last for a very long time and you can also store a great amount of ebooks on it, which is great if you get bored easily or you finish your book while still on the road so it’s definitely better than carrying a lot of books.

iPad – if you don’t like reading and prefer surfing on the internet, chatting with people or seeing a movie this is the comfortable way to do it. Of course, you can carry around a laptop but those can get pretty heavy and you don’t want extra baggage while traveling.

Portable Solar Battery Charger – this is quite useful if you plan on traveling in some places where there might be problems with electricity. It will cost you about 20-40 dollars and it’s a great investment, especially for people who go camping but also prefer to have their other gadgets around.

Portable GPS System – this is actually great if you plan on travelling in unknown places and you need to find your way around. Actually, if there’s something from this list you should buy as a traveler or adventurer, this should be the top priority. You can also get a phone that has a GPS incorporated if you want to make things easier and have a device with all that you need, but GPS is definitely useful.

Obviously these are just a few of the things you can buy as an aspirant traveler, there are also cute gadgets like a travelling heat pillow that can be charged through USB port or even a water bottle that uses UV to purify water.

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June 20th, 2012 by

Controlling A Ball With Your iPhone

Ever since the iPhone came out, countless applications started appearing, some more popular than other. It can be very easy to find an application for almost anything nowadays and the number of gadgets that can be attached to your phone is just ridiculous. There is one gadget that caught quite some attention lately and is actually pretty cool. The Sphero is a ball that can be controlled by your iPhone, it can move on the floor as you wish and it guarantees a fun time.
Something that appears like a simple ball, can be controlled by a phone with the help of a device. It is actually quite easy to use, like a remote controlled car, the only difference is that this can be controlled from an iPhone which opens the door to various possibilities. To control the ball, you can choose from the controller on the screen or by using the tilt-drive which allows the user to steer the ball just by tilting the phone. You can even draw a path on the phone and just let the ball follow it on the floor.

 Another cool thing about Sphero is that you can actually use the ball to control the phone. By picking the ball up and rotating it around its axes in your hand, you can control different games on your phone. There aren’t many games available yet but developers are constantly working on them and the using the ball as a controller is really cool. To get your hands on a Sphero, you have to pay $130 and it can be found online. While it may seem a bit expensive, it is a fun little toy and the applications are just starting to appear so its potential is not fully explored yet.
The Sphero would make a very cool gift; no matter for what age, everyone can have fun it around the house. Playing games with the ball can also be fun so it will actually take a while until someone gets bored with it. The apps that are available right now are free so make sure you test them out as well.

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March 14th, 2012 by

A Small But Cool Gift

The tablet has become very popular and not just the famous iPad but also many other models that combine the performance of a computer with the practicality of a medium sized portable screen. There are a bunch of applications for tablets and you can pretty much do anything you want with one from watching a movie to sending emails. Games are also a big part of applications for tablets but as most true gamers know, playing on a touch screen is not always as fun as having analog controllers; there is a certain precision and control you can only get from analog sticks and this can be seen on the latest portable consoles.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the same experience on your tablet, there is a pretty cool gadget which you can simply attach to the touch screen and it will change the way you play games on it. The JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick is a great way to turn your tablet into a portable console with analog sticks. These are small and very easy to use and the user can set them anywhere on the screen without having to connect it by cable or charge it. The thing to know is that not all available games can be controlled with this little gadget and only the ones that have an on-screen control pad are actually compatible. This means that PacMan will be more fun than ever when playing it on your tablet. Some games even allow you to put more than one stick so buying a couple might be a great idea.

The removable arcade stick makes for an amazing gift, especially if you give it to someone who loves playing videogames; just make sure that they already have a compatible tablet. It is one of those gifts that despite being small and simple, it can be lots of fun and it is also very affordable. Smaller ones are also available for a compatible phone so combining the two gifts would be very cool. These little controllers are becoming very popular and gamers all around the world seem to want one.

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February 28th, 2012 by

Panasonic Touchpad A1 – Your Business Cool Gadget

If you need a small, in your pocket business partner, then the Panasonic Touchpad A1 is the cool gadget which will make you wonder how you ever were able to do without. The Panasonic Touchpad A1 is a business line tablet which offers you all the functions you need in order to be successful in your carrier. The Panasonic Touchpad A1 combines security, connectivity, reliability and design in one simple to use personal business partner. It is a 10 inch tablet which is both water and dust resistant and which has been MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified which will give you top level efficiency no matter of the environment, making it perfect for those who follow a high level of field travelling.

The Panasonic Touchpad A1 follows on the Android Honeycomb Operating Systems and has the following technical features:

  • 1.6 GHz dual core Marvell processor
  • 1 GB SDRAM
  • 16 GB build in flash storage with additional 16GB slot for external storage with microSD
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • GPS receiver
  • 2MP front facing and 5MP rear facing camera with auto focus and LED illumination
  • Integrated microphone and speakers
  • Micro USB 2.0 and micro HDMI ports
  • 1024×768 resolution 10 inch XGA screen with 4:3 ratios with multi-touch and anti-reflexive glare treatment which permits optimal visibility even in bright sunlight.
  • 10 hour battery life and 3 hours charging time

The Panasonic Touchpad A1 is the optimal cool gadget that you need in your business carrier.

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November 22nd, 2011 by