Controlling A Ball With Your iPhone

Ever since the iPhone came out, countless applications started appearing, some more popular than other. It can be very easy to find an application for almost anything nowadays and the number of gadgets that can be attached to your phone is just ridiculous. There is one gadget that caught quite some attention lately and is actually pretty cool. The Sphero is a ball that can be controlled by your iPhone, it can move on the floor as you wish and it guarantees a fun time.
Something that appears like a simple ball, can be controlled by a phone with the help of a device. It is actually quite easy to use, like a remote controlled car, the only difference is that this can be controlled from an iPhone which opens the door to various possibilities. To control the ball, you can choose from the controller on the screen or by using the tilt-drive which allows the user to steer the ball just by tilting the phone. You can even draw a path on the phone and just let the ball follow it on the floor.

 Another cool thing about Sphero is that you can actually use the ball to control the phone. By picking the ball up and rotating it around its axes in your hand, you can control different games on your phone. There aren’t many games available yet but developers are constantly working on them and the using the ball as a controller is really cool. To get your hands on a Sphero, you have to pay $130 and it can be found online. While it may seem a bit expensive, it is a fun little toy and the applications are just starting to appear so its potential is not fully explored yet.
The Sphero would make a very cool gift; no matter for what age, everyone can have fun it around the house. Playing games with the ball can also be fun so it will actually take a while until someone gets bored with it. The apps that are available right now are free so make sure you test them out as well.


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