Cool Items To Remember Forever

There are some gifts you will remember for life and you should probably try to make all the gifts you offer to special people be those types of gifts. Here is a list of really cool items you can get somebody if you want them to remember you and cherish that incredible moment in their life.

 The smallest book in the world – this is such a great gift, because it’s a symbol of intellectuality that is presented in a truly unique manner. It’s also something they will remember and probably keep all their life since it’s so unusual. This can be found on all major websites that sell book such as or other gifts sites. You can even give them a cute necklace if you want them to wear it around their neck, it’s a pretty neat accessory. If you are interested in the contents of the book, you should know that it’s created by Josua Reichert and has a tiny alphabet inside with pictures.

 A diary for life – this is perfect for your friends who love writing and they can record anything they want in this beautiful diary. The diary actually has a lot of cool sections such as an About me section, a list with things you might want to do before you die and a list of skills where you can add whatever you learned throughout your life. This is a really awesome gift since you can pass it down to generations if you want them to know their ancestors better. It also has a section with your jobs, your education and a really interesting section where you can write all the awards and achievements you got during your life. Such a gift is definitely something that will be long remembered.

  A personalized New York Times Baseball History Book – this is perfect for sports fans as they can enjoy this wonderful collection of pictures and information about most baseball players in a book that is approximately 100 pages. Every article about them from the New York Times is collected and added in this great gift that will surely become one of the most prized possessions.


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