eBay And Amazon – The Two Online Giants

If you are a fan of online shopping, you probably know what the biggest names are. These companies have taken their brand to the internet due to many factors and they are looking to create a nice competitive market which customers can view, compare, see and buy without having to leave their home. Online marketing is already a big thing and if you plan on trying it out, here are some names which you surely come across.

eBay is probably the biggest name you will find online when it comes to buying or selling goods. The site manages a consumer to consumer service where everybody can sell or buy with the help of online auction all over the world. The site has grown to reach amazing proportions since 1995 when it was founded and it is now the biggest shopping website. This multi billion business allows customers and business owners to sell their products with a variety of methods; there are auctions, shopping by UPC and ISBN as well as other popular methods and they also accept PayPal. You will pretty much find anything on eBay from collectables to the newest gadgets, from domain names to items for online games, and everything is for sale.

Amazon is the other name you have to know if you are doing online shopping. Amazon is the largest online retailer by far, with triple the sales of the runner up. It started just by selling books in 1995, but it quickly grew and started selling DVDs, music, software and then a lot more. There are separate sites for the big countries and this also allows for a wider range of products directed at specific markets. The name actually comes from the river which implies greatness and a size to fear and this is what Amazon.com is. They also had an auction system launched in 1999 but it was far from causing problems for the above mentioned eBay. Now, Amazon can be the place to purchase a variety of retail goods, even foods. Although PayPal is not available on Amazon.com, they have a special paying system called Amazon Payments that allows customers to buy for their good in a secure and easy way.

Both these sites offer a great amount of items but they do it in a different way and from different clients. Choosing one or the other is not really the thing here because despite what most customers may think, they offer very different things and use different methods.


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