Fitness Gadget – Pedometer

A lot of people complain that they cannot lose weight because they forget to exercise, they find things too hard to manage and it usually takes a lot of time to prepare your meals and exercise routine. Fortunately, the following gadgets will keep you from making any excuses and they are also great gifts for your friends or relatives who are trying to lose weight.

A pedometer is a very popular gadget and it’s also extremely useful among people who are trying to do some light exercises. A pedometer counts your steps and lets you know how far you have walked. This is a great gadget for an older person who needs to exercise or for somebody trying to lose weight. With a pedometer you can be always sure about the distance you are walking and you will also know how many calories you are burning. It also has an aerobic mode for those who are trying to get things a little bit further.


The pedometer can be connected to your computer through USB and there are many websites that allow you to upload the progress you make each day. This is a great gift for your friends who want to lose weight, they can all get a pedometer and they can compete against each other to see which one of them walks more.

The pedometer has other useful functions: it can tell you how much weight you need to lose, the amount of fat in your body, how many miles you have walked and there are also some cool pedometers that will actually calculate the distance between cities in the world and you can set different goals. Setting a new cool goal like walking to Egypt is a great thing that will keep you or a friend motivated to lose weight.

There are even cooler pedometers that actually use GPS and heart monitoring during your walks for a more accurate progress. Others are actually a hybrid between an mp3 player and a pedometer. A lot of them can come with different programs you can install on your PC that will teach you new ways of exercising and different routines to keep you in shape.

With a cool pedometer not only you will be able to lose weight but you can also keep track of it and get motivated every day with its cool features. This item is great for those geeks who love gadgets but also want to lose a few pounds.


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