Measuring Your Sleep

Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and you can use one or another at every moment of the day. You can have a cool mp3 player to entertain you while you go to work and you can have a big television set when you get home. Every moment can be improved with a certain gadget and now there is something that can monitor you while you are sleeping. Don’t go thinking about lots of cables and wires that are hooked up to you in order to get a reading on your pulse, eye movement and whatever else they measure at sleeping clinics. This gadget is much more comfortable and it doesn’t require any special setting.


I am talking about the Somnus Shirt from Nyx Devices. This is a gadget which you can easily wear when you go to sleep and during the night, it will measure and record your breathing pattern. The amount of data collected can help it determine the three stages of sleep. Whit the help of this cool gadget you can help figure out why you are having problems sleeping and improve your overall health.

There is no need to worry about special glue or about the position in which you sleep, all you need to do is remember to put this shirt on. It looks very comfortable and sporty so you shouldn’t have any problems with it while you are dreaming away. This cool gadget was invented with the help of a sleep neurologist and besides making it very practical and accurate, their other concern was making it comfortable; if you are having problems sleeping, an itchy shirt with cables coming out of it would only make it worse. It seems that everything is moving with the times and even our clothes are starting to become “smart”.

The price for a sleep measuring shirt is around a hundred dollars, a small price to pay for a decent night’s sleep. It has have the advantage of giving you the opportunity to brag to your friends about what your shirt can do and it is also one of the cool gadgets which you should have around. If you are a big fan of such clothes, you can also look into a jacket that can play music or a shirt that has built-in fans. You can start a collection with all the cool gadgets that you can wear nowadays.


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