Online Clothing Shopping

The technological advances of the latest decades have greatly contributed to a change in shopping habits and preferences. The direct result is the development of in-home shopping and this for several reasons. It is easier for consumers to purchase goods through the Internet as it saves them time and money. However, things don’t seem to be the same when talking about clothes.

The clothing sector seems to have a rather slow development if compared to other online shopping branches. Although many retailers have opened the virtual doors of their online stores, customers, especially women seem to continue to appreciate the offline shopping experience much more. They argue that sizes do not always match and they are afterwards faced with a return process that can take too much time for their taste. They dislike the idea that they cannot touch the fabric and try the items of clothing on.

Internet marketers struggle to overcome these drawbacks by developing applications to allow their clients see how the dress or blouse looks on them. By simply turning on their cameras, potential shoppers transmit the image to the site and the software provides them with a superposed picture of how they will look in the respective clothing item. However, this technology is at its early stages of development and still needs a lot of improvements until it will be able to produce the same shopping experience as the one in the trying room of a brick and mortar shops.

This does not mean that online clothes shopping lacks the potential for later growth. The lack of time modern people constantly complain of leaves a lot of room for e-trade to conquer this sector. It has already caught a large market share in countries like Germany, UK and France and continues to extend itself towards other economies where customers are willing to purchase items not available in their local shops.


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