Playstation Vita – A Great Gaming Experience

Besides the 3D TV, Sony also presented the Playstation Vita at this year Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. If anything, it surely came at a good time because it may have ameliorated the complaints received from costumers due to the Playstation Network issues.


The Playstation Vita sounds almost too good to be true if you take a look on all the features that Sony promises. It has dual touch pads, dual cameras, an OLED screen, six-axis motion sensor and more. The presentation they gave showed how you will be able to play different games and it looks amazing. The quality of the screen and the amount of detail will make it almost impossible for you to leave it down, at least until you finish a game and have a small break before you move to the next one. Although the mobile gaming market is pretty crowded thanks to the Apple phones and tablets and the Android smartphones available, there is always room for some innovations and it would appear that the Playstation Vita brings that to the table. The two analog sticks on the side combined with the two touch pads with multi-touch, makes the Vita a very versatile portable for gamers everywhere. If you are not sure how the dual touch pads can change the way you play games, imagine that you can touch the back and control the game or choose to play with the touch screen. There are of course a wide variety of games available for the Playstation Vita and it is also compatible with the PSP games available on the Playstation Store. The difference with new games is that they are now shipped on flash memory cards.

The Playstation Vita is definitely a great gadget that will entertain a lot of gamers and most important, it can be great as a gift for your friends, or maybe for yourself.


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