PAC-MAN – the game that gave the younger of us sleepless nights, secret gatherings that involved big amounts of juice, high scores and grudges, but also great moments that will never be forgotten. A lot of friendships were formed because of PAC-MAN and there are still people who are nostalgic about this game. For example, Romain Jerome, the guy who created a PAC MAN series of high end watches. This limited edition watch is exactly what the geek child in us would like to wear and those who can afford the price can have one for about $17000. Let’s hope that the geek child grew up to afford this otherwise he’ll only be left with a floppy disk of PAC MAN to remind him of the good high score days.


A very weird selection of a theme for a high end watch since PAC MAN has been used for a lot of inexpensive kids watches. However, he managed to pull this off and make a high end watch out of it. The watch has a case made of steel that is about 46 mm wide black coated and polished and sandblasted. Actually if you check their website you will see that this watch is a limited edition watch in the Moon Invader watch collection and apparently features some materials from the Apollo 11 moon lander. These can be found on the back of the watch where the material is fused with moon rocks. The collection, as mentioned earlier, will be very limited as apparently only 20 pieces of each of the four models will be available. So this is less than 100 watches, people who loved this game should definitely hurry if they still want to own a PAC MAN watch. This is not the first watch that celebrates retro games from Romain Jerome. He also released the Space Invaders watch which was a great success and apparently is planning a new collection that will feature…joysticks.

If you are a collector of weird watches you should definitely get this watch as it has a pretty cool design and will surely be one of the best in your collection. If you are not a collector but loved PAC MAN this is definitely a conversation starter among the geeks in your office.

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August 2nd, 2016 by

Rolex Explorer II White

I bought this watch a few weeks ago and I had a pretty negative experience buying it. Unfortunately, the service was pretty bad and I got really riled up about it, which totally kept me from enjoying the replica watch at its full potential. The first thing that happened was the fact that I waited and waited for the confirmation email for my order for a few days, before finally sending an email about it. It seems that they didn’t receive my order and I had to send it again, which ended up in me waiting a couple more days for the confirmation email which eventually came.


I thought they would have sent the watch by then but it seems that I needed to give them more details about the shipping address and also provide them with information I found to be useless for the process of buying a simple watch from a website. However, I complied and they eventually shipped my watch. It was about 3-4 weeks until I received a phone call from my local post office about my watch as it seems that they couldn’t figure out the address written on the package. Good thing the sender wrote my phone number on the package and I was able to be tracked down. So I had to spend a day proving to the local post office that I was the person that paid for the package and it was supposed to be sent to me and that really annoyed me. Another thing that annoyed me was the fact that the watch was not very well packed and people handling packages at the post office are not very careful with the watches so it could have been easily harmed. However, the product I received exceeded my expectation and made this experience overall a good one.

The watch I ordered was Rolex Replica watch as I fell in love with the original watch after stumbling upon it on the internet. As I couldn’t afford one, I decided to buy this replica and I didn’t regret that decision once. It was perfectly crafted and it looked the same as the one on the original Rolex website to the smallest detail. The bezel was made to resemble the ceramic bezel of the original watch and I loved the way it was finished. Except for the service, this was a good experience in the end.

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May 18th, 2015 by