Transformers USB Stick

There are some things in life that may seem completely useless, but that along with their design and the potential cool factor makes them best-selling products. Take for example the USB stick, everybody has one, everybody uses one and most people are trying to make it a bit more different to stand out because they are tired of the old USB stick look. This is where USB sticks like this one look like a great idea. A Transformers USB Stick is the best thing you can get for yourself not just because it looks cool but also because it might brighten those busy days at the office and offer you a few laughs with your co-workers. It doesn’t come with Meghan Fox unfortunately, but it’s still a pretty cool thing to have around. Maybe you don’t want it for you, maybe you are someone in search of a cool gadget to offer a person you love or like, it doesn’t matter, this is the perfect gift. This is the ultimate Geek USB stick and will definitely impress any man out there with its cool features.

The Transformers USD stick will upgrade the look of any USB drive with the help of its cool transforming power. It will transform from a flash drive into a leopard and that not just looks cool but also seems like an awesome thing to have.
The stick comes in two versions, a smaller 4 GB version and a bigger 16 GB version that is perfect for those who need more storage. This offers great capacity and good old fashion reliable storage for that important data you need to save.
This is definitely not just a USB drive and you won’t even get it for that, you will get it for that wow factor, for that moment when a person sees it transform right before their eyes. So it wouldn’t even matter how large its storage capacity is, the product is a cool product on its own and it makes for a pretty inexpensive gift too as it only costs about $10. It can be a little something for a friend who likes Transformers or one of the co-workers at the office.


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